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The apartments for short term rentals of Residence 3 Nidi are located in Lonigo, a small town in the province of Vicenza of about 15,500 inhabitants, situated on the gentle Berici Hills, an ideal destination for a tasteful and relaxing holiday.

Crossed by the Guà river, besides being the City of Wine, Lonigo is a place of cultural charm, proud of its ancient origins. Appearing from afar with an unmistakable profile, its forms are traced by historical architecture:

the Rocca Pisana (1576, designed by architect Vincenzo Scamozzi, a pupil of Palladio), the dome of the Duomo (parish church in neo-Romanesque style), the medieval Torrione (33 m) on the square in the pedestrianised historic centre with the old 'stradon delle botteghe'. 

The Circolo, Lonigo's green lung, is the venue for town festivals and ceremonies, a centre for relaxation, entertainment and sport. A public park excluded from traffic, right in the centre, in the past used for horse racing; hence the name Municipal Hippodrome Park.

The Theatre (1892) is an authentic gem, the only historic theatre of the 19th century in the province of Vicenza, a masterpiece of elegance and beauty in Art Nouveau style with perfect acoustics.  

In addition to art and culture, the city of Lonigo offers an interesting gastronomic specialities, such as the rice of Bagnolo, the peas of Monticello, the salami and the mandorlato of Lonigo.....  

A small town to visit, get to know and taste!!!

Lonigo Duomo.JPG

Cathedral of Lonigo - Church of SS. Redentore 

Lonigo Rocca Pisana.jpg

Villa Pisani known as La Rocca or La Rocca Pisana Scamozzi

Lonigo centro storico.jpg

Historic center of Lonigo with the ancient arcades of the pedestrian area

Lonigo colli berici.jpg
Lonigo Teatro .jpg

Colli Berici with the vineyards

Theater of Lonigo 'Giuseppe Verdi'

Santuario of Santa Maria dei Miracoli (Madonna di Lonigo)

Lonigo Santuario di Santa Maria dei Miracoli.jpg
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